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Happy Halloween!
S2 E2 22m
The Depths of Cousin Fethry!
S2 E2 24m
Puppy Dog Pals
Keia's New Doghouse / The Fang Fairy
S2 E19 24m
PJ Masks
Halloween Tricksters
S2 E16 24m
Raven's Home
S1 E1 83m
Disney Channel Original Movie
Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire
S1 E21 22m
Big Hero 6 The Series
Obake Yashiki
S1 E19 22m
Big City Greens
Blood Moon
S1 E15 24m
Muppet Babies
Happy Hallowocka! / The Teeth-Chattering Tale of the Haunted Pancakes
S1 E11 23m
Fancy Nancy
Nancy's Costume Clash / Nancy's Ghostly Halloween
S1 E14 22m
A.N.T. Farm
mutANT farm
S2 E13 24m
A.N.T. Farm
mutANT farm 2
S3 E11 21m
A.N.T. Farm
mutANT farm 3.0
S3 E102 22m
Disney Mickey Mouse
The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular
S1 E5 22m
Terror of the Terra-firmians!
S1 E11 22m
Girl Meets World
Girl Meets World: Of Terror
S2 E18 23m
Girl Meets World
Girl Meets World of Terror 2
S3 E15 23m
Girl Meets World
Girl Meets World of Terror 3
S4 E14 22m
Good Luck Charlie
Fright Knight
S3 E15 22m
Good Luck Charlie
Le Halloween
S2 E25 23m
Good Luck Charlie
Scary Had a Little Lamb
S1 E19 23m
Good Luck Charlie
Sleepless in Denver
S1 E16 22m
Hannah Montana
Torn Between Two Hannahs
S1 E1 23m
Hotel Transylvania
Enter the Nose Picker / Hide & Shriek
S1 E2 23m
Hotel Transylvania
Bad Friday/Hoop Screams
S1 E3 23m
Hotel Transylvania
Buggin' Out/How Do You Solve a Problem Like Medusa
S1 E4 23m
Hotel Transylvania
Adventures in Vampiresitting / Phlegm Ball
S1 E5 23m
Hotel Transylvania
Wendy Big and Tall/Doppelfanger
S1 E6 23m
Hotel Transylvania
Great Eggspectations / Hotel Pennsylvania
S1 E7 23m
Hotel Transylvania
Breakfast at Lydia's / The Trouble with Wendys
S1 E8 23m
Hotel Transylvania
Frankenstunt/What About Blob?
S1 E9 23m
Hotel Transylvania
Curse Club/Casket if You Can
S1 E10 23m
Hotel Transylvania
A Scare to Remember / Hank and the Real Boy
S1 E11 23m
Hotel Transylvania
The Wrapture / Becoming Klaus
S1 E12 23m
Hotel Transylvania
116 Candles/Stop or My Mummy Will Shout
S1 E13 23m
Hotel Transylvania
The Legend of Pumpkin Guts